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Thai House

Thai House

Thailand is a country which located in Southeast Asia. For thousands of years, Thai people have their own culture. The exotic land is including unique culture, costume, tradition, architecture, structure, and arts. The country is developing, but still kiips its own special things, especially Thai style houses.

With the differences of landscape, weather, life style, occupation, and beliefs, Thai people built various-style houses. The house style can be divided into four parts:north, northeast, central, and south. People have mixed their own spirits in their living places. These make Thai style houses differ from other countries' house in the world. The special style that defines a culture is born of many elements. Thai style, so vividly revealed in its art and architecture, is the product of its distinctive landscape, its skillful use of varies influences, and a history unique among the nations of Southeast Asia.

Thaditional Thai house is wooden house which the structures are elevated whit high poles, high roof, long eaves, wide veranda which can be extended. The climate of tropital country such as Thailand and the house construction should be related. The wisdoms of thai people for living were revealed in their houses. Their houses were comfortablee and cool with air circulation. The design of the house is not only for living but also for relaxing. It is the real art of life spending. The characteristics of Thai house have been influenced from many factors for example:

    - location in monsoon zone with humidity, rainy, and sunny all year  
    - occupation of most people related with agriculture  
    - beliefs in religion, culture, and holy spirit  
    - way of life as easy, simply, and being a part of nature  
    - Material from nature such as wood, bamboo, etc.  
Thai house located on Kata Beach.
  Thai House  

Thai house located on Kata Beach, specialise in luxury sea view. There are 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and living room with modern kitchen, which is 800 metres and area 320 m. We have a swimming pool, interior decoration in thai style , ADSL and security system with comfortable.
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